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Our extra-virgin tasting experience begins with a stroll through the olive groves to discover how olive oil begins and how our organic farming techniques contribute to its excellence. Then we make a brief stop at the estate’s own mill or frantoio to understand the simple process of oil production. Finally, in the Oleoteca we show our guests how to warm in their hands the special glasses used to taste oil in order to release its fragrance. Then guests learn how to recognize the organoleptic characteristics of the oil, its flavors and aromas, by tasting it, using special ceramic spoons, or just sipping it from the glass. Each course is structured around three different extra-virgins. During the tasting, you’ll develop a simple vocabulary to describe the characteristics of extra-virgin olive oil and you’ll discover that the sensory profile of our Villa Campestri oil is characterized by the depth and intensity of the three main sensory descriptors of fine extra-virgin olive oil. In today’s world, extra-virgin olive oil is threatened by a complete loss of identity as the industry tends to lower product quality. The inevitable result: future generations will no longer recognize authenticity and quality in extra-virgin olive oil. We have developed our educational programs at Villa Campestri to try to stem the tide and prevent the loss of this magnificent cultural and culinary heritage.If you are willing to experience first hand book your stay at

Oleoteca Villa Campestri proposes a new culture of excellence in extra-virgin olive oil, the element of excellence in Mediterranean cuisine and the foundation of the Mediterranean diet.
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